Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exchange 2007 unable to mount database

Recently we had a power failure which caused an improper shutdown to our exchange servers. After recovered from power failure we restarted all servers and fixed some cluster issues but there is one database which is showing failed in cluster manager. I had tried to mount the database but it was not successful and showing that there are some log files missing due to which database cannot mount.

For checking what log files are missing I ran following commands against the database which was not mounting. For running this command we have to go to the log drive of the database first and then run this command.

eseutil /mh

The output of this command is showing that the database is in dirty shutdown state and also showing that what log files are missing. I have checked these log files and luckily I have all log files present in the log drives folder.

Now recovery is easy, I have just renamed the check point file to any other name and try to mount it again and this time it mounts successfully without any issues and new checkpoint file is created.

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Jim Berner said...

Dear Khan,

I am happy to found your post. It's very helpful. I successfully fixed this error with the help of your solution and a third party Exchange server recovery software.

You are really genius!