Sunday, July 15, 2012

Windows Live Audio/video Federation with Lync

was aware that we can federate with windows live for instant messaging integration but was not sure about Audio/Video. After some research i found following blog post which is confirming this type of federation;

Please be aware that in order to federate with windows live you have to change Lync encryption settings

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lync 2010 Mobility in Split-brain DNS setup

After reading Mobility guide from Microsoft, it is not very clear that how users will connect to Lync auto discover service externally and internally in split brain DNS Setup and it requires reading again and again and troubleshooting again and again to find out the correct setup, in summary following should be the DNS configuration in split-brain DNs setup (Note: Split-brain DNS refers to the DNS setup where your DNS zone is split between your Internal Network and your external network for example zone is also present in internal AD forest DNS servers and also published outside publish DNS servers);

1. Lync Auto discover URL should be in external and internal DNS servers pointing to Lync external web services URL.

2. Lync Auto discover internal URL should be present in your internal DNS server pointing to Lync internal web services URL.

3. There should be a entry for Lync external web services URL in your internal DNS servers pointing to lync external web services IP for “Hair-pining” Lync mobile traffic to Reverse proxy servers.

4. Reverse proxy Rule for lync auto discover service should have lync discover internal URL added for mobile clients connecting from internal network through lync external web service public IP.

Lync 2010 Blogging

I have recently implemented Lync services in our organization and came across lots of problems mainly due to the guides which Microsoft has published is not clear and have lots of questions unanswered. The only way to do a correct configuration is to to a trial and error and then check if the problem is solved or not or engage Microsoft professional services.

I will be blogging on some of the issues I have faced and resolved for the benefits of other implementers.