Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving LCS databases to Different SQL server

LCS use 2 databases for its configuration and user data

  1. RTC
  2. RTCConfig

If you want to move these databases to different SQL server then you need to follow below sequence

  1. Stop Live communication Server Service.
  2. Take backup of the above mentioned databases.
  3. Restore to them to new SQL server.
  4. Make sure you have all 4 LCS domain groups (mentioned below) added to new SQL server and have all the required permissions given (Compare permission with the existing SQL server).
    LCS Domain Groups:
  5. Run Following Command for setting new SQL server information;  
    LcsCmd.exe /forest /action:UpdatePoolBackend /poolname:[PoolName] /poolbe:[SQLSeverName]
  6. Start LCS service again.
  7. Open LCS MMC.
  8. Make sure all services are running fine.

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