Monday, June 1, 2009

Exchange Mailbox Movement – BlackBerry issue

Last week i faced a strange issue, we are facing some space issue on one volume so i draft a strategy to move selective mailboxes from one database to another database located in another storage group, on the weekend i ran one batch of users and moved them to another database. All goes fine. Next day was a working day and i got some complains that users are not able to sync and use their blackberry devices. Initially i thought that it is some other issue but after investigation i found that these are the same users which i have moved on weekend. After some search i found that Blackberry has some problem when we move mailboxes between storage groups in different databases on same server. It seems that blackberry services are not aware or are not updating itself for reflecting the database change. Although as per some articles the mailbox movements between servers is not an issues only within the same server has but i haven't tested it.  By following the instructions on Blackberry support site i have restarted the Blackberry Enterprise service and the result was as per the expectation the problem goes away. I think Blackberry has to work on this glitch and should fix it in the next release or in the next service pack.

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