Thursday, December 28, 2006

Unified Communications Platform

Microsoft has released its new unified communication platform. Microsoft joined hand with Nortel and other VoIP giants in 2006 to create a platform based on Microsoft technologies for providing users a single interface for meeting collaboration challenges. Microsoft vision is to provide its customers a platform to communicate with their team member, partners and vendors without geographical limitation. Major components of this platform are Microsoft live communication server 2007, Microsoft office communicator 2007, Microsoft Speech server, Microsoft Live meeting, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint portal 2007 and other partner products for different functions. A user using this platform is able to place call or initiate a video conference with their partners or peers connecting from any communication device and from any geographic location. Now if you don’t have PC but have phone, you can still check your email by dialing Microsoft exchange server and hear your emails. People can leave voice messages for you while you are offline or away and you can get these voice messages directly in your inbox. Microsoft partners had already created some powerful applications based on this platform focusing on specific business needs such as managing human capital, Customer service excellence, Collaboration between remote offices in real-time manner and many other needs. For further details, following is the link

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